A dream is realized today. I'm a writer of my own merit. Not with fans or fame. Just me getting my own words out.  No one can take the joy of seeing mental print of my inner and outer voices. HalaluYah!  This picture was taken a few years ago when my spark to blog ignited.... Continue Reading →

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The Invisible One

Often times we never noticed the invisible one. Too caught up with our own wants and needs to see someone who is in front of us everyday. No words for them unless you are responding to question. No acknowledgement of their very existence until it suits us. How often do we let ego and selfishness... Continue Reading →

**Confessions #2 **

Personal I am a survivor of childhood sexual assault and molestation. My step father molested me for about fifteen years. The mornings when my underwear was cut away were the worst. Yet, I still loved him, forgave him, just to separate myself from him two years before he died this year. It pains me still,... Continue Reading →

These Lil Monsters Be Actin’ Up

It takes a village to raise a child... When the neighborhood knew everybody in it.  Ms. Mary snitching and you gotta take the long slow walk home. Man-Man had the best snacks after school. Mr.Johnson could fix your bike or pump up a flat ball. Mrs. Cora ran the official neighborhood daycare since 1952. Mr.... Continue Reading →

Healthy Crown Journey (done)

  My crown has suffered. From my own ignorance and neglect, it has lost its sheen and volume trying to combat split ends and fairy knots in my quest for length. I could use the excuse that I didn't have the right products or I didn't have time, but we all know that's bogus. In... Continue Reading →

*TOP 10* Quotes on Self Control

In a world where instant satisfaction is king, self control is often forgotten. We tend to react instead thinking things through when a problem arise. Whether you are a foodie or queen of shade, self control prevents us from self destruction. Here are my Top 10 quotes on self control. "He that hath no rule... Continue Reading →

Missed Me? Well, I Missed Yall!

My, my, my... Look at what the cat dragged in... It's Meha and she looks as if she hasn't written a word in weeks!! Poor Meha... poor, poor Meha... Sorry for the silence. Been working at a new summer job and reading books. I haven't had time to type but don't worry it is well... Continue Reading →

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