A dream is realized today. I'm a writer of my own merit. Not with fans or fame. Just me getting my own words out.  No one can take the joy of seeing mental print of my inner and outer voices. HalaluYah!  This picture was taken a few years ago when my spark to blog ignited.... Continue Reading →

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**Confession #5**

Personal Life: I cuss like a sailor or Gordon Ramsay. I mean I cuss so much my husband asked was it necessary even say word. When I am talking to or fussing at kids, family members or friends, my mouth is just a loose cannon. My mother and my Israelite family are the only ones I... Continue Reading →

Proverbs 31 Chef: Overnight Oats

So Im like a 1000 years late for this party. I have been a fan of oatmeal all my life and I have NEVER heard of overnight oats. Overnight oats are just oatmeal soaked overnight  in any kind of liquid you like to hydrate them. I have personally made a blueberry lemonade overnight oats using homemade lemonade. It... Continue Reading →

*Book Review* Perfect Peace

Book Title: Perfect Peace Author: Daniel Black   The deepest and poor of the South is the setting of this twisted tale. The mother, Emma Jean suffered as a child because she was dark skinned and her mother doted on her light skinned sisters. Being treated so cruelly because of her skin tone, Emma Jean... Continue Reading →


It's COLLARDS DAY!!!     Yesterday my cousin, Shawn called me about 10 in the morning. He was buying some collards and asked if I wanted some. You know I jumped on it! Little did I know that I would be tackling  5 heads of the biggest collards I laid eyes on. The leaf I'm... Continue Reading →

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