A dream is realized today. I'm a writer of my own merit. Not with fans or fame. Just me getting my own words out. Β No one can take the joy of seeing mental print of my inner and outer voices. HalaluYah!Β  This picture was taken a few years ago when my spark to blog ignited.... Continue Reading →

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*Book Review* Allegedly

Book Title: Allegedly Author: Tiffany D. Jackson   First off, THIS BOOK IS NOT FOR CHILDREN!! I don't care what ANYBODY says. I would be mad as a lioness seeing someone messing with my cub if I caught my child reading this. 18+ years should be put on the cover. I don't care if they... Continue Reading →


Rejection and criticism only causes me to find flaws in the person because I feel that if you don't have anything nice to say, then SHUT UP!! Most people have no care in the choice of words or tone which really burn my biscuits. My friends wonder why I say whatever comes to mind. If... Continue Reading →

He’s A Man Now!!

My baby is a man today. He is finally 18. I don't do parties for birthdays , yet I am just happy he is a black young man who made it to his 18th year of life on earth.

This Again…

For the last year and half, we have been stuck on stupid... We really though that responsibilities to maintain an dwelling was top priority for adults with children... Oh, we were soooo WRONG!!! My relatives and no, I can't call them family, has been lying to us for a year and a half about the... Continue Reading →

Choosing A Hebrew Name

One of the most defining moments in life is choosing a name. Before your birth, your parents thought long and hard on the proper name for their bundle of joy. Some names were etched in stone only to be discarded upon seeing their baby. My birth name is Geneva Nicole ( no, none of it... Continue Reading →

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