A dream is realized today. I’m a writer of my own merit. Not with fans or fame. Just me getting my own words out.  No one can take the joy of seeing mental print of my inner and outer voices. HalaluYah! 

the beginng

This picture was taken a few years ago when my spark to blog ignited. Thank you Yahuah for keeping the embers burning until now. Chiiil, it would have been depressing, suicide note in less than a year. smh 

But TODAY… (smirking)

Today, i would like to welcome you to Just Meha & Torah. Here, we talk about every interest of mines and how The Torah affects it. We are talking diy hair products my lord husband and I use to small town traveling. We live a quiet, humble life but that doesn’t mean there aren’t any crazy fun to have.

Stay tuned….


4 thoughts on “ALL PRAISE TO THE MOST HIGH!!

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  1. Great introduction my love. Your blog sounds exciting. I love the pictures you posted in this blog. You look so happy and at peace. You look right……you look….like Meha and Torah. Reading this touches my heart because I know your on your journey to being the best daughter of The Most High that you can be. You’re inspiring to anyone that’s in our faith. You push the word and never let anyone tell you your wrong about what you know is right. I know deep down, you’re a warrior princess for The Most High. Don’t let no one take that from you. I’m happy for you and the start of something new something bold something that’s you. My Meha. #HALLELUYAH!!!!! #Talktothembae

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