Instagram and Drag Makeup

You know the lines are blurred now. Looking on social media or even going to the store you can’t tell right off anymore. I’m talking about these painted faces parading through society as if everyday is Halloween or a theater production. Its like nowadays you have to ask a slew of questions before you even want to be seen with someone.


The worst part is these transgender who identify as the opposite sex and dont feel the need to tell you what they were at birth. They remove a person’s choice to deal with the consequences of being with them. Not everyone wants to adopt when they are physically able to reproduce.

I don’t blame these people for women looking like men in makeup. I blame the women. They forgot what makeup was for. To enhance their own natural beauty. Everybody wants that photoshopped magazine look of perfection these celebrities portray.



I remember when Aaliyah was the image of beauty. It was like when the character she needed to protray was done, her face was free to smile. She wore the heavy makeup for videos but you can find so many pictures of her with a clean natural look online. Lisa Bonet is still one of the most beautiful woman I have seen. An earth angel with the true meaning of owning one’s beauty.  Please tell me when did either rock instagram makeup to the grocery store or grabbing a lunch with friends.

Simple and clean makeup is my way to connect with my generation of makeup wearers. When we remembered less is more and my beauty is mine alone.



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