Types of Torah Keepers

When most people hear the phrase ‘Torah Keepers’, they automatically think of the Jewish people. You know the ones with the Shirley Temple curls and the little cap on their heads.Would it shock you to learn they aren’t the ones who do?

There are 3 types of Torah Keepers

  1. Khazarian Ashkenazi Jews (Jewish people)
  2. (Black)   Hebrew Israelites
  3. Simple Torah Keepers

Khazarian Ashkenazi Jews


These fake Jews want you to believe they are the original man and they are the same Hebrews from the Scriptures. Too bad science has indicated that a black man walked first on this planet and Revelation 4:3 says  And he that sat was to look upon like a jasper and a sardine stone: and there was a rainbow round about the throne, in sight like unto an emerald. With the rate they are getting skin cancer in the sun drenched land of Palestine, you have to know something fishy if it is suppose to be their ancestral homeland. Now the Khazar mountains and parts of Europe are home to these converts though they will NEVER admit to it.

To keep the facade up as God’s Chosen People, they claim keep Torah to a small degree but, they follow the Talmud or the oral laws as their religious books. Their calendar, customs and attitudes are based on the blasphemies in the Talmud.  Lets just say they are the modern day Pharisees The Messiah said following the tradition of elders. They see themselves superior to everyone and will lie, kill, cheat and steal from anybody who is not Jewish.The fact many Christians feel as it is their duty to support and protect Jews makes it worst and ironically funny.

Hebrew Israelites


These are the true descendants of the 12 Tribes of Israel. Since the late 1800’s, many Israelites have reclaimed their heritage and many groups started to form. Though it is said that they follow Jewish customs, they DO NOT recognize the Talmud. Black nationalism is woven quite deeply in these groups as well due to the fact we are heavily dependent on other races to provide our needs while they spit in our faces.

Unfortunately, these are the same people you find on the corner, cursing about the white man is the devil while looking like extras from The Last Dragon. You find them with their own interpretations of Scripture as well. Most like to debate who is wrong and who is right in our faith instead of being happy that someone is worshipping the one TRUE GOD. I don’t argue with these Super Brews. Time is too short and where one ear closes, another opens.

I love my brother and sister in faith. My confusion comes from the thought were are to preach against evil and welcome all that want to worship Yahuah regardless of race. At times, I cringe from their words and attitudes. No, Im not saying it is wrong to be zealous. Nehemiah was ready to lay hands on somebody and Yahushua  turned table up while swinging a whip. Matthew 10:16 says “Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves: be ye therefore wise  as serpents, and harmless as doves.” The snake has been subtle and crafty since the beginning and doves have always been seen as a symbol of peace. With them its like the verse reads strike the dove as a snake for you are my wolves against sheeple.

Simple Torah Keepers

Simple Torah Keepers are just that. We follow the Laws and do so happily. Yes we are Hebrew and of the House of Israel. This only mean we are the ambassadors for The Most High. The torch we carry came from those who spread the Truth before us. Everyone who wants to serve Yahuah, regardless of race, came into The Truth because there was a compassionate Torah Keeper willing to guide them through the lies and deception of false teachers and religions.

 We love life because it is a gift and it should be enjoyed. You can talk to us with a sense of humor unlike Super Brews, who laugh at their own people when they stumble. Yahuah wants us to worship Him and enjoy the life He has granted us. Shalom.

my king and i


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