And These Parents Let Them

These little monsters be acting up and their parents letting them

No backbone, Ahab paternal units far too weak

Show dog attitudes and they be petting them

Shitting on their feelings until they reek

Always asking what you getting them

I don’t like how children act nowofdays. Totally disrespectful with no sense of dignity. Too many slut buckets and street niggas with irrational parents allowing or even worst defending their behavior. The generations are growing far too close together and grandparents are getting younger by the year.

I don’t just blame the parents either. Society has these children they are entitled to everything they see. Discipline is a fairy tale to most of these children because society has parents scare to apply any type of punishment. These spawns of Jezebels see punishment as ground to call the police or tell their teacher they are being abused.

Disciple AND Punishment

Related image

I know the second definition of punishment seems harsh, but this is the technology driven generation. Taking away their cell phone and game console is suffering and painful enough. (Side note: Some children are so dependent on these things, they have KILLED over them!) It does not have to be physical punishment though I am a huge fan of it. It worked me and my husband.

I have witness the disrespect and the parent turns around an question themselves on what did they say or do that was wrong to causes the child’s reactions. Do bad in school and wont do chores at home? Its okay because you still can have a (pagan) birthday party and presents. Yelling and rolling your eyes? Im just going to ignore the behavior.

You Ain’t A Parent, So You Don’t Understand

As so as you say something about these self absorbed gremlins, their parents come with this weak line. “You’re not a parent so you don’t understand.” Apparently you aren’t either based off your offsprings. Don’t forget your children are a reflection of you. Right now, y’all both are looking like a bunch of narcissistic , disrespectful, unruly and disgusting  people who use people to satisfy your own selfishness.

Birthing a child doesn’t make you a parent. Being a molder of young minds. These children mimicked whatever they are consuming. If you are feeding the wisdom and experiences, they feed off what the world presents. You can’t dresses little girls like this:

Image result for dressing little girls as adults


that turn into this…

Related image


but wonder why they are on the path being a…

Image result for teen mom

If someone telling your child to stop doing something that is rude, disrespectful or dangerous without any malice, why act as if your child received the much deserve slap on the behind they need? You can’t expect everyone to see misbehaving lil Tom Tom as an angel. If you don’t want anyone saying anything to your child, restrain the little monster.


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