I saw in the mirror Im fat…

Yeah, I just didnt want to shock you with my fullness. The photo of it is as honest as it look. The inside is worst. I am very uncomfortable with it but anybody can body shame me either. YAHUAH sent me a man who loves me no matter what size I am. (Lose a leg or arm and he’s OUTTA THERE!! jk) It’s more for the health and not the wealth. The wealth would be wear anything and look good in it. Modesty always looks great though. hehe

As a child of TMH, you are an ambassador, a reflection of HIS power. You are to influence others by your words and actions. Your faith in HIM is to be all you need until you die. I want to be this.  Its just my flesh has been a main course for the Jezebel spirit since birth. When I am sinning to win it, my body is bomb and I feel much better. Since I want to serve TMH, that’s even the rose-colored glasses come off and I see weaknesses and flaws.

In my first confession about my spiritual life, I told the truth. There are sooo many “spiritual lessons” I need to work on. People say your outside doesn’t matter, it whats on the inside that counts. I say whats on the inside should reflect on the outside. Hey, I could be wrong too.

My goal is to training myself into change of heart, body and soul. Each one will play a role as I go down my narrow path. As I fix the inside, I want my outside to reflect my desire to change. Like, when I look in the mirror, I dont care able a vain appearance. I was to see strength, discipline, humility and perseverance. This is the reflection I want to see. Well let the uphill journey was begun.



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  1. You are wonderfully and beautifully created. And there is nothing wrong with wanting to take care of the temple that HE has provided for you. Be patient with yourself though. Sometimes we are our own worst critic with harsh expectations. Pace yourself. I had to remind myself this weekend and talk our Abba about slowing down, to pace myself and was reminded in fact about the turtle. You got this! One day at a time.

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