*Book Review* A Knight of the Seven Kingdom


Book Title: A Knight of the Seven Kingdom

Author: George R.R. Martin


I hate I am late to the George R.R. Martin party! This man has created a whole new world that feels so far away while mimicking events connected to our past. The life of a knight and the differences in the types of  knights showed me that everyone can have an opinion on your occupation even when they do not follow the same code of ethics as you.

Dunk and Egg may hold different positions in their world, they still see injustice the same. The people they encounter are a direct reflection of our own society, whether its the good, the bad or the worst. Martin exposes the human nature in a way that will cause you to reevaluate yourself and how you interact with people. Are you like the knights who fight for what is right or for money? Can you hold to your beliefs when you know death is circling waiting for its next victim?

This book made me laugh and mourn with these two courageous characters. The seven kingdoms do not deserve and needs more people like Sir Duncan the Tall and his wonderful quick wit squire, Egg. I can’t wait to read more about these two and the adventures they will have.


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