These Lil Monsters Be Actin’ Up

It takes a village to raise a child…

When the neighborhood knew everybody in it.  Ms. Mary snitching and you gotta take the long slow walk home. Man-Man had the best snacks after school. Mr.Johnson could fix your bike or pump up a flat ball. Mrs. Cora ran the official neighborhood daycare since 1952. Mr. Larry didn’t like kids playing in his yard so you knew to  walk quietly in front of his house. You knew where all the kids was at because the lawn was littered with bikes and scooters. Parents worked together to ensure you and all the kids in the neighborhood was raised right by the village.

Well, that time is over. I will admit that I nor my husband have any children. So I cant speak as a parent. I sure as YAHUAH is my witness can speak on as one who babysit, tutor or live with them.  Nowaday, children is the hierarchy’s top guns. Everybody wants to protect the little children. No one every talks about the abuse and disrespect parents go through because the threat of having some child advocate agency all in your business. These bleeding hearts for children rights are creating a generation of weak, whining, self-centered curses of your loins and a chokehold on your household. (2 Timothy 3:1-6) Like, children are actually calling the cops on their parents because they got slapped once across the butt for stealing from the parents. Children attacking and even killing their parents when they try to discipline them, but you are a bad person if you serve these spawns of demons the same dish. (Proverbs 29:15,17)

Proverbs 13:24 “He that spareth his rod hateth his son: but he that loveth him chasteneth him betimes.”

When I was growing up, my mother used to tear my tail up anytime I stepped out of line. My grandparents, teachers and coaches knew my mother would discipline me to the fullest and never understood why I EVER acted out. I even got whoopings from aunts and uncles too. My family raised me the way my mother was raised and I thank YAHUAH for ever lash from the belt, switch, race car track and underwire bra. Yes, I said an underwire bra and she and I both laughed the whole time! lol I learnt my lessons and the value of respecting my elders through my whoopings and punishments. Parents too scared to be a parent and these children know it. (1 Timothy 3:5, Proverbs 23:13-14) This self absorbed generation know nothing that does not pertain to leading an independent life.  They see parents just as the financial backing to these spoiled ingrates.

Parents take your power back. Let no one keep you from raising your children correctly. (Proverbs 22:6) If you can’t, send their butts to away to some type of military boot camp until they beg you to come home. Forget buying Jordans and name brand clothes. Take the electronics and bar them from bad influences. You have worked too hard to come home to be disrespected by someone who can’t pay no one bill. Parents, you are not obligated to provide a better life than the one you had. As long as there is food in the house, clothes and shoes that fit and the house is maintained, you have done your job to provide. Anything beyond that, their behavior and grades will pay for it. Stop trying to buy these children’s obedience and competing with other parents. Your children are your reflection of you. Do you like what you see in the mirror?



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