*Book Review* Everything, Everything


Book Title: Everything, Everything

Author: Nicola Yoon

Poor Maddy… To be so sick and to be held prisoner in her own home. Can you imgiane living your entire life in one building? Your own friends are your mother and your nurse? I felt so bad for her. Especially since she was barred from having contact with other people.

Too bad her mother underestimated books. Books are glimpses into other people’s lives and places. Inspiration and longing is created with each turning of the page. Yes, books can make you smart but they will never replace living in the world around you. How sad is it to read about the sun drenched beach if you can use your senses to experience it?

Her one shot to escape was in her love for Ollie. Books taught her love is worth everything, even death. If stepping foot outside meant her death, she wanted to experience everything before her heart stopped and she finally lived before it did…

NOW, to find out the truth about her illness and how her own mother, who is a doctor, harmed her was heartbreaking. As a parent, she wanted to protect her daughter after losing her husband and son. Too bad she didn’t grieve properly and her daughter missed out on so much. I am thankful Ollie and Mads proved life is worth living and love is everything…everything.

Ratings: 5 Stars


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