Proverbs 31 Chef: Overnight Oats

So Im like a 1000 years late for this party. I have been a fan of oatmeal all my life and I have NEVER heard of overnight oats. Overnight oats are just oatmeal soaked overnight  in any kind of liquid you like to hydrate them. I have personally made a blueberry lemonade overnight oats using homemade lemonade. It is a fun meal prep that the Carter Clan (my little cousins) enjoy doing. With about ten minutes you can bring their creativity out and the quench their desire to cook in the kitchen with you. Talk about quick and easy fun and no fussing out what’s for breakfast in the morning.

One other reason I love overnight oats, meal prepping for the week. The Carter Clan eats oatmeal two days a week. I myself eat it about five days a week. All I do is prep my five jars without the liquid in them and load them up in the fridge. Before bed, I choice my jar and fill it with my liquids. Its like the simplest. yet healthiest (for my standards) breakfast in the morning. The best part you can eat it cold or hot!

Well let’s me show you my personal favorite.

Berry ‘n’ Nuts Overnight Oats

Blogggin 011
Basic Ingredients (Organic oats, organic sugar and chia seeds)


Let’s Build a Jar!!

I have a 2 tbs spoon that came with my container I put my oats in.  I use it to measure out my ingredients. Mindfully, you can substitute sugar for any sweetener of your choice.

2 spoonfuls of oats

1/2 spoonful of chia seeds

1 spoonful of sugar

Blogggin 016



Top the basic ingredients with a handful frozen mixed berries and a spoonful of chopped mixed nuts

Blogggin 017


Add another layer of oatmeal until it is an inch from the neck of the jar.


Blogggin 018




Blogggin 020


My choice of liquid is organic milk because of the creaminess of it. Make sure there is enough milk to shake the jar. The shaking ensures everything is saturated and there is room for swollen oats and chia seeds.  I will be adding yogurt for the probiotics in the morning.


I present to you…

Blogggin 024
Ugly but Yummy lol


Mixed Berry ‘n’ Nuts Overnight Oats




P.S. I will be posting a detailed Overnight Oats Recipes post in the near future. Keep Watch my loves!












































































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