Why I Left Christainity

I was never raised in a super religious household. Two things I was certain of as a child, there is a God and his white son name was Jesus. We would go to church out of tradition at my mother and conviction with my father’s family. I had been baptized twice in the process. Reading the Bible was not necessary for me because I took the pastor’s word that he was preaching to save my soul. Never like tithing (the first sign something was wrong) because I didn’t understand why was God’s house being forced to pay bills or why only the pastor had a very luxurious car.

After meeting my husband in 2010, I was back in church again and I was really trying to please God, but I had a nagging feeling something was wrong. Before then,I fell away church because of all the drama and hypocrisy I noticed ( the second sign I ignored) in my teenage years. My husband is a drummer and when his female cousin asked him to play at her church, he did it for the love of playing the drums. When she brought money into the equation, their relationship began to sour and she saw him playing drums at church was more important that his job.

Leaving her church led us to another church. The pastor and his wife was a beautiful couple. Always polite and welcoming. The music was the service. It caused you to do hoot and holler, jumping up and down like a crazed person. I felt like I was in the right place but still I had that nagging feeling that I was missing something. It took a shocking revelation of the true colors of the Joyland Church Network for me to see all the snakes. I was like all of the pastors connected directly or indirectly with Joyland was either a drug fiend or adulterer and most times both. All they was concerned with was money and how to make more of it off the back of their congregations.

I just so happened to be surfing YouTube and I came across a video IUIC had posted. I finally had my Eureka moment! The things they were saying in their video and the fact that could back it up with Scripture made so much more sense to me. For the next two or three days, all I did was look up Hebrew Israelite this, Hebrew Israelite that. The more I watch the more that nagging feeling became a sense of peace for me. I had finally made it back to my heritage, my nationality, my identity and most of all, my GOD, THE MOST HIGH, YAHUAH!!

My life was meaning now. I no longer follow behind the traditions of men and my love for my husband has grown more and truer because he is more of the man he is supposed to be. We have come so far and we know we have much farther to go. With YAHUAH as our GOD, we will continue to push forward forever and pull as many with us too.


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