Ruby Gem: Our 95 Celica

img_20170907_075055.jpgTHE MOST HIGH, YAHUAH has made it possible after a year and some change for us to be free. Placing generosity in the hearts of co-workers and family, we purchased a 95 Toyota Celica. I call it my lil Ruby Gem. I love my car for two reasons. It’s ours and it’s an older model car.

She has been a real trooper too. YAHUAH didn’t give us the truck (yet!) but we couldn’t be happier with Ruby. With Ariyah’s work schedules between two counties and travel through three others ones to visit family, its the best $600 we ever spend. Even Ari doesn’t mind getting under the hood to keep her going.

One day, she will get a paint job to make her shine and the inside detailed, but after all this snow a good wash is in order for now. YAHUAH knows she deserves it and more.


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