Learning My True Language

In my jounrney to reclaiming my heritage, I have to learn the language of my ancestors. I hate to admit that I am horrible at learning a new language, but I am willing to please YAHUAH so I am going to give it my all.

Looking for someone who speaks the language is my first priority. Children learn by speaking first then writing so I am going to take the same approach.  Yes, I could just get one of those language learning systems but I want to learning Ancient Hebrew, not Yiddish like the Ashkenazi converts use. In the mean time, I will be learning to write my letters.

My goal is for my husband and I to speak to each other without having to speak in codes. Some people will try to ease drop and be all in your business. If I want to make plan with my husband about a meal for the Sabbath, then he is the only one who needs to hear it. Beside, I want to communicate with TMH in HIS language and not the language of my oppressors.



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