From Tiny Home to Heaven on Earth

r searching through countless ideas, we found it. A tiny piece of peace from heaven. This is the wraparound porch double lofted cabin. We have seen them in YouTube videos and Pinterest  boards. The porch and the placement of the door are the key selling points when it comes to the standard shell to build our tiny home. 

With the porch, we have the makings for a screened porch, which adds a living space. We’re talking outdoor prepping and cooking, evening reading, outdoor seating for gatherings and a creative frenzy of thoughts to be evaluated. The best of all are the moments, sitting with Aryeh, rocking time away.

The placement of the door encourage the three windows create a sun drenched lighting in a sectioned area for a living space. This also creates a freedom in choice when accessing the first loft shaped as the porch. The room we have chosen is the kitchen. With food prep and cooking done on the porch, it make sense to put the kitchen in close proximity. The window gives access to both as well. 

The first loft is for two purposes. I want to create intimate nest for reading and studying as well. As storage, we can free up the need for having such a large storage unit as well as cleanse out our belongings. We want no wasted space so we are focused on quality over quantity. 
With the kitchen area was decided, the layout was the next battle. We knew we wanted a small footprint of plumbing encased in extra insulation. The kitchen and the bathroom had to be neighbors. Corner shower, composting toilet, stackable and a bowl sink. Yes, I said composting toilet. No septic needed. Grey water for container garden.

The bathroom can be adjunct from the stairs. The stairs is another storage area where other items can be hid and put on display to add décor. I have asked my lord husband for a chihuahua as a house warming gift. So a little crate/room can fit for KitKat ( Yes, I have named her 😟😞 I need help 🙍) These stairs will also house the personal folding tables and chairs.

This leaves the living room fit under the sleeping loft. An entertainment center across from a sofa, both used for storage. The sleeping loft with have storage bins on the sides. There will be a storage area top of the bathroom that may be used to connect both lofts.

This is the closest rendition I could find as a visual reference.


With a layout, we have options from storage to bathroom arrangements to maximize our usage of this cabin’s shape and size. Most of our time will be outside with animals and tending to the gardens. This is to let us have an intimate cozy place to live that makes our basic needs available.


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