Interview With a Brew: Doula

When I say doulas have the patience of a saint, I mean it. Not only did North Carolina’s latest snowfall trapped me out town,  I was no where near my computer. I was so catch up in the snow and icy, I nearly missed an opportunity to interview a wonderful doula who gave me a lesson on the importance of the birthing mother. Her work is beautiful and her personality shines through.

12 Tribes of Israel, may I present to you

this comforting angel of well being and womanhood

Jenny Peña

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Shalawam sister, all is well? Are we still on today?

Shalom sister. The snow has set me back terribly. I haven’t even made it home. 😔😔

Ah sis sorry

I’m just hope you don’t want to cancel

I can do it here I’d you can

It works for me if you are still able. I am excited to interview a doula

Hahaha, what time?

Now if you want. I’m stuck outta town and need a reason to get out the snow for the warmth.☺☺

Ok, through skype ?

I don’t have Skype and I can do it by sending two questions at a time

Ok great

Sooooooo….APTTMH!! Shalom my sister! My first set….What is your business’s name and what type of business?…..Has your work been a calling or a gradual realization?

Business name is Heavenly Treasure. It’s a family health and wellness business, including blogging, Doula work, and Young Living essential oils. It definitely has been a calling which has been growing and growing PTMH!

I have to confess, I do get doula and midwife confused at times. Please, please explain the difference… Where do you find verses that a doula uses to strength themselves or to comfort?

The difference is that Midwives can replace an OB and doulas cannot. So it’s a medical difference. Doula’s are trained and certified to support a woman throughout pregnancy, labor, and postpartum for emotional support, for helpful resources, and in a variety of ways depending on the doula. Midwives do exams, blood tests, can refer women for checkups, all that awesome goodness! Hope that helps clear up the confusion a bit! I find so many verse that help Doulas who are constantly attending births and helping women. My favorite verse to comfort women is John 16:21.

OK, so midwives trained by the system and doulas are family oriented trained..Gotcha…What?😒😒 I know the importance of a mother’s well being for her family. All praise to TMH for doulas for they care for the women birthing your next generation.

Next set..

Well midwives aren’t just trained, they’re licensed and gone through extensive schooling to be able to attend births especially home births. Doula’s cannot attend a birth unless an OB or midwife are present. We are only their for comfort measures at the birth.

I’m praying in the future to be able to become a Midwife and attend homebirths! TMH willing!

This is interesting. So a doula cannot attend a birth without someone who is licensed? Wow that must be hard to care for an unborn so much and not be at the birth…TMH willing, you will not cry as much as the new mother at your first birthing…Young Living are essential oils. How has essential oils assisted you in your practice?


It’s alright, there are not many women who will attempt an unassisted birth anyway so most of us feel much better supporting a mom with an expert available. This way our focus can be solely on supporting the mother emotionally, physically and with information needed. We aren’t focused like the midwife or OB on the baby’s heartbeat, paperwork, and all that tough stuff, we can just focus solely on the mother. Essential oils have been a great blessing. We have used them for almost 5 years now and continue praising TMH for them in our lives. His creation doesn’t not fail us! I used them throughout my second pregnancy, labor and postpartum on myself and baby. I have helped women understand the power of essential oils through practical use as well as the scientific knowledge. The main thing is helping them understand how using essential oils in your home can help replace the toxic products we are used to using. From house cleaners and stress, to pain relief, nausea, skincare, and much much more! I even had one woman pack her diffuser and favorite oils to plug in and have on during her labor. Everyone who walked in said it smelled amazing in that room!


I have used essential oils in my shampoo. The tingling means its working☺☺

Next set…

And the last set…

Your blog must be jammed packed information. Where do you see Heavenly Treasure growing towards the future?..How can people contact you for essential oils or your highly appreciated blog for others you want insight into the world of doulas?

My prayer is that Heavenly Treasure will reach more and more women and families, to be able to offer virtual classes in a variety of topics, and one day even Midwifery Care. Our blog is , the top menu is easy to navigate to contact me, learn and order essential oils, and read current and archived blog posts since 2012!

This is awesome. I am honorable for your time and words. You are a true blessing in the caring for birthing mothers.

Father, I thank you for remembering the rib, the woman. Just as you placed her in Adam’s life, you placed those around her to ensure she is better him. Your midwives tends to your babies but your doulas care for the mothers. Your unsung angels who nurtures mothers and advise them to maintain a healthy body and sound mind. Heavenly Treasures is Your blessings and we are asking you to grow in it so your daughter may protect and nurture both. We pray in your name. HALLELUYAH!

Amen! PTMH for this work you’re doing sis! All is well at least we got to connect. I’ve been a bit busy so had set you on my calendar. The reminder went off so I figured I’d make sure we were still on 😉

My apologies still. Thank you again

Blessings sis


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