*Book Series Review* The Akata Witch Book Series


Series Title:  The Akata Witch Book Series

Book Titles: Akata Witch and Akata Warrior

Author: Nnedi Okorafor


These are so gems right here! Okorafor created a series that she was abandoned too early for my liking. The Leopard World and its colorful characters are the African version of Harry Potter with a Nigerian twist. No, Harry Potter wished his story was as good.  The story is too original not to be made into a movie or even better, a tv series!

To have a black female child as the main character is a great change in the world of  fantasy. Sunny Nwazue, the protagonist, is an albino child you can grow up with through these pages. The story line is so beautifully written as her coming of age tale as well as her journey to self acceptance. She has had a tough time leaving America for Nigeria and being albino. Adding on to her strict home life and a smothering mother, finding oneself also a free agent only complicates things more.

Luckily, Orlu, Chichi and Sasha are there to help her. Orlu is my type of friend. He is loyal to the bone and a geek when his interest is peak. A true gentle soul and warrior for all things Sunny, everyone needs an Orlu around when things get messy. I thought it was sweet to watch the puppy love between him and Sunny.

Now Sasha and Chichi are  all about the dangerous thrills. Whether it is through juju or anything they deem an injustice, they are ready for mischief. Their relationship is just as reckless too. Sasha, the American Leopard sent to Nigeria because of his affinity to rage against the system and authority, is a kindred spirit for Sunny when she is homesick for The States. Chichi can always be found taking Orlu to task or spitting out knowledge beyond her years. She is like your favorite brat sibling you wish you can choke after you tuck her in bed.

I want to give you a page by page rundown of this series. I want to tell you of her grandmother, the African Lady of the Lake, the juju and masquerades but I want you to be caught in the magic of this story. Just as reading Nsibidi, read it twice and fall in love with this amazing work.

Rating: 5 Stars and Added to the BUY list


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