*Book Review* Allegedly


Book Title: Allegedly

Author: Tiffany D. Jackson


First off, THIS BOOK IS NOT FOR CHILDREN!! I don’t care what ANYBODY says. I would be mad as a lioness seeing someone messing with my cub if I caught my child reading this. 18+ years should be put on the cover. I don’t care if they talk like this with their friends or doing some of the stuff done in this book. The answer is still NO!!

Now, on to the review. Its is a tale that needed to be told. The penal system is just as broken as the judicial system. For convicted baby killer, Mary Addison, she has been involved in both since the age of nine. Mary was convicted of killing a three month old white child and as a African American child she was guilty long before the trial. From ‘baby jail’ to house arrest in a group home, it is no surprise she is tormented by her conviction by the staff and other parolees.

Her mother, Dawn is a piece of work in itself. Everything wrong about Mary can be placed at her feet, even if she would walk over it as if it never happened. The delusions that Dawn engages in does make you question her own sanity but just because you can give birth doesn’t make you a mother. Her jealousy over Mrs. Richardson is just a testimony to her insanity or an example of racial issues that is deep seeded in her.

The relationship between Mary and Dawn puts you in a mind of Precious and her mother but in a passive aggression light. Dawn wants a better life for herself and uses Alyssa’s death to drawn in the attention she is so despair for. Mary just wants to be rid of her  though she is the only family she has left, leeching off of her pain.

Once she becomes pregnant by her boyfriend and the state wants to take her unborn child from her, this is where their relationship is comes a full scale battle. Mary has breaks the silence she has held for six years. Her words only can bring death to all Dawn’s dreams. The cross that she carries could be lifted by the cross she buried.

The ending was completely a shock to me at Dawn’s last visit. So many revelations and confessions had me clutching my invisible pearls. Dawn better thank her lucky stars that someone challenged her daughter and held her accountable for her words out of love for her own mother.

Rating: 2.75 out of 5 only because I feel the book is directed for the wrong age group


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