Proverb 31 Financial Manager: Money Envelope System

Money…Bills…Groceries…Gas…Clothing…Household Supplies…Ummm…Oh,yeah hygiene products. Let’s see…If you carry the two…and add this to….GOT IT!!

Sorry about that. I was just working on a new budget using a money envelope system for my household to try. As you know, Proverb 31 women tends to be the one responsible for the spending of household’s income. With bills and shopping lists always present, it is easy to overspend if you aren’t careful. Using this method holds me accountable for the productiveness of my husband’s labor for pay.

First thing to do is writing out a monthly budget. Monthly are better then weekly budgeting only because there usually isn’t much need to do some adjustment. I write mines slightly different because I don’t have a constant number each paycheck. Without that number, I focus on my 7 financial zappers. You can even to write out big ticketed future purchases and trips you are saving up for.


I purchased these beauties at Ollie’s for 0.59 cents for 10. FYI: Ollie’s is the jump off but you have to jump on the deals when they are there because it can be gone the next.


Write out each item or a combination of items on an envelope. Being we don’t have a salary paycheck. I have broken up the income into bi weekly. So every two weeks I need this amount put in each envelope.


I even have one for a 2nd vehicle and our anniversary trip.


My last financial post didn’t work for us because it was not based off our lifestyle. We are visual people tackle what is in front of us. This method should suit us better too because we can pay certain bills off as the envelope if filled with the amount due. Like if we save money on gas, it can rollover for next time or we can put the money in the Saving Envelopes. Until next time beloved ones.



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