P31T: Shut up, Woman! (Ok, Daddy!)

Proverbs 31:26 "She openeth her mouth with wisdom, and in her tongue is the law of kindness." Men... my poor men... The first and last person you see everyday and night is the woman you chose as your wife. Too bad the heffa hasn't  stopped talking since yall said 'I Do'. Its like that overpriced piece... Continue Reading →


So.. I saw in the mirror Im fat... Yeah, I just didnt want to shock you with my fullness. The photo of it is as honest as it look. The inside is worst. I am very uncomfortable with it but anybody can body shame me either. YAHUAH sent me a man who loves me no... Continue Reading →

My Online Son…

Phillip aka Sonny Bear. I have never laid eyes on him without a phone or hug my worrisome brat but he is still loved as if I watched him grow until the chatter box he is. When his mother died, it broke my heart to hear him grieving with such despair. The disappointment of missing... Continue Reading →

Off Grid Tiny Home on the Homestead Dreams

Off Grid: independent of public power grid, waterways and waste management services Tiny Home: efficient, reliable living quarters raising and growing your own food and creating multiple passive income streams These are our family's definitions of these words. These words make up our dream in YAHUAH's kingdom. This way we are more connect to the... Continue Reading →

Spades and Marriage

  If you ever played Spades, you know the war is on! Just like UNO, relationships and friendships torn apart over a card game. Whether its your partner or the other team, the raw emotion of anger can erupt at the flip out a card. Luckily, my Spades partner is my love, Ari. I love... Continue Reading →


Personal Life I save turtles when I am out driving.   Spiritual Life I'm struggling to do what my head is screaming. "Get back on your Torah path!"


ALL PRAISES TO THE MOST HIGH, YAHUAH, THE GREAT AHAYAH ASHER AHAYAH!!!! I GOT MY 7 FIRST FOLLOWERS!! I am so EXCITED to see you are the number of completion. 7 Followers?! HALLELUYAH!! Thank you Transparency In Truth for being my first follower and a loyal reader. I have enjoyed reading your blog as well.... Continue Reading →

*Book Review* Raising Small Livestock

Book Title : Raising Small Livestock A Practical Handbook Author: Jerome D. Belanger This is an very informational easy read, especially if you have a little  background or experience. Mr. Belanger gives each livestock it's due, not just the good and bad. I was  entranced with the sections about goats. I now cant wait to... Continue Reading →

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