This is the most motivated I have been in years to get healthier and in a more comfortable shape. ( #BigGirlSlay you better ask somebody!!) Even my lord is ready to get some pounds off. We have been coordinating meal and exercise plans. Wait til you see the delicious keto meal plan we came up... Continue Reading →


30 Days Blogging Challenge ( Day 6 )

Day 6 is all about personal growths and dreams turning into realities. Never thought that I would actually go through with some ofย  them but, YAHUAH has put a type of joy on my 5 current goals. The "Known" goals are my short-term goals. My long term goals are the "Unknown"

30 Day Blogging Challenge (Day 5)

I forgot to mention that I am now in a custody battle over said giraffe because she wouldn't let me visit it for a photo. Instead, these pictures are sneak peeks from my "Broken Angel" collection I am currently working on.

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