Ancient Hand Bags, Pine Cones and Ankh

  In many ancient art, the deity is seen with a hand bag in their hands. Throughout different civilizations cross the globe you can find these hand bags present. I was to curious on it myself so I started digging because no one I asked could tell me what they were for. Let's just say... Continue Reading →


*Book Review* The Last Black Unicorn

  Book Title: The Last Black Unicorn Author: Tiffany Haddish   WHAT IS WRONG WITH HER?!?! Omgoodness! If you think Tiffany Haddish is funny in front of a camera, her book is going to have you peeing your pants. Haddish's life is a true story of fighting for everything. Fighting for love, self worth and... Continue Reading →

Writing Out Demons

I had the Jezebel spirit in control of my life for years. As I began to learn more about this spirit, I had an epiphany. My true feelings and brainstorming happens more often when I am free writing. Why not let Jezebel 'speak' her mind and pray away its effects on me? It seemed simple... Continue Reading →

Picture of the Week

My little cousin comes to mind when I saw this picture. She has always been the whipping girl of my family. Everyone has an opinion on her life, especially our family. I hate their attitudes towards her but my faith keeps me from airing out the whole family. You have to understand. My family will... Continue Reading →

My Son Has Set

Last year... Last year was the last time I hear from my online son, Phillip. I haven't heard from him in months. Like I called him one day and he didn't answer. Called the next day and the next one but no response. After a week, I realized that he has cut off all communication... Continue Reading →

*Series Review* Red Rising Series

Series Title: Red Rising Series Book Titles: Red Rising, Golden Son and Morning Star Author: Pierce Brown   Mr. Brown has made me mad. The reason Red Rising series has not be turned this into a movie, is what? Darrow of Lykos is a 16 year old married man living under the red soil of... Continue Reading →


Personal: I am a bibliophile! If I see someone dog-earing a book, this is what goes through my mind.. Spiritual: With all the tribal fighting, I feel we aren't doing the will of TMH. We are so quick to judge other tribes while the nations of the world are laughing at us because we are... Continue Reading →

Proverb 31 Financial Manager: Money Envelope System

Money...Bills...Groceries...Gas...Clothing...Household Supplies...Ummm...Oh,yeah hygiene products. Let's see...If you carry the two...and add this to....GOT IT!! Sorry about that. I was just working on a new budget using a money envelope system for my household to try. As you know, Proverb 31 women tends to be the one responsible for the spending of household's income. With bills... Continue Reading →

Proverb 31 Chef: Cornish Hen w/ Fixings

I love chicken! Whether fried, boiled, baked, grilled, stir fried...ok, turning into Benjamin Buford Blue lol Wait, you just didn't ask me who is Benjamin Buford Blue is? 😒😒 Ummm, you know Forrest Gump's best friend, Bubba? Well, his name is Benjamin Buford Blue. Anywho, I am making a dinner for two and the best... Continue Reading →

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