My *NEW* Bible Study Method: S.O.A.P.P.

Many people struggle to study The Bible. One method that has simplified the stress is the S.O.A.P method. S.O.A.P. stands for Scripture, Observation, Application, Prayer. I love the ease of using this method. I can get a few studies going and done faster and with more understanding¬† from just one Bible reading. To ensure I... Continue Reading →


From Tiny Home to Heaven on Earth

r searching through countless ideas, we found it. A tiny piece of peace from heaven. This is the wraparound porch double lofted cabin. We have seen them in YouTube videos and Pinterest  boards. The porch and the placement of the door are the key selling points when it comes to the standard shell to build... Continue Reading →

Confession #6

Personal: I have a creative diy type of soul. From making my own hair products to making beaded jewelry. Creating with my hands give me joy and beats my depression. Spiritual: I have a little sister in faith that I love dearly. THE MOST HIGH has blessed me with her and she keeps me in... Continue Reading →

Learning My True Language

In my jounrney to reclaiming my heritage, I have to learn the language of my ancestors. I hate to admit that I am horrible at learning a new language, but I am willing to please YAHUAH so I am going to give it my all. Looking for someone who speaks the language is my first... Continue Reading →

Picture of the Week

This photo alone is the reason we want to be off grid homesteaders. We, as a people, have become to lazy and unskilled that we would become cannibalistic savages without the luxuries of our first world privilege. We are too depended on stores and malls instead of ourselves to survive. Why won't you waste food... Continue Reading →

Ruby Gem: Our 95 Celica

THE MOST HIGH, YAHUAH has made it possible after a year and some change for us to be free. Placing generosity in the hearts of co-workers and family, we purchased a 95 Toyota Celica. I call it my lil Ruby Gem. I love my car for two reasons. It's ours and it's an older model... Continue Reading →

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